Saturday, December 31, 2011

What went well and what didn’t in 2011?


Today is the last day of year 2011 and I'm taking a moment to look back and reminisce about the things that I am most grateful for this year. And of course, there are regrets and painful mistakes which form my bittersweet memories.

Five greatest things that happened in the past year
Completed my first 10KM marathon
Bought my first Macbook
Joined the blog sphere with my first baking blog
Makeover of my kitchen
Visited 4 UNESCO heritage sites (Borobudur, Prambanan, Preah Vihear & Angkor Wat)

Five worst things that happened in the past year
Turned down a good job opportunity
Car broke down due to dead battery and causing massive jam
Favorite Christmas plant died due to overdose of fertilizer
My hotmail account got hacked (again!)
My diet regime failed

Three things I need to do less in the next year
Spending using credit card
Window shopping which is really a waste of time
Reduce junk food intake which includes chocolate and ice-cream

Three things I need to do more in the next year
Getting more active in sports
Spending more time with family
Learn up photo editing

I started this blog in August 2011 to share my passion in baking. Here comes 2012 and I wanted to create a better and adventurous blog through my travel, musings and the creative side of me.
All my baking recipes will be moving to a new home at 'Get Busy Baking'