Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Online Malaysia Passport Renewal Application

Recently, I heard from my buddy that you can actually submit your passport renewal application online and the service level is 2 hours ready for collection. Yup, that 's what I did because time is $$$ for working people like me and the queue will make you go crazy at the immigration office.

How to apply online
  1. Visit MyOnline*Passport.
  2. Choose your age category: (either below 18 years old or above 18 years old)
  3. Insert your passport number, IC number and type of passport.
  4. Upload your latest passport sized photo (maximum file size is 25kb)
  5. Select the location to pick up your passport.
  6. Make online payment via secured portal (RM100 for 2 years and RM300 for 5 years) where you will receive a code through your mobile phone to complete the transaction.
  7. Print out the official receipt or reprint anytime from the portal.
Terms & conditions
  • The applicant must be present at the selected Immigration Office for collection.
  • The passport photo must be taken back within 3 months before the application date. (Do not use the same photo in your old passport, definitely get rejected)
  • Your current passport must be in good condition and is a biometric (chip-based) passport.

Why I like this
    • You can apply anytime and collect at time and place convenient to you
    • You can track your application status
    • You will get a call from Immigration Office if your uploaded photo fail to meet their criteria.
    • Less waiting at the counter, you will still need to wait minimum 30 minutes if the passport photo submitted fail to meet the criteria. 
    • Secured online credit card payment (FPX is disabled during my application)
    • Get everyone wondering how you can get VIP service (someone ask me why I got mine so quick)
    I paid RM300 for 5 years validity on my passport. You can opt for less if you're a seasonal traveller and this online facility makes your life easier. 
    Passport fee (RM100 - 2 years, RM300 - 5 years)

    My spanking new passport


    Anonymous said...

    Hi, do you mean that if your passport photo does not meet their requirement, they will call and inform you to resubmit the photo instead of rejecting the application straight?

    Joshi said...

    Yes, if your uploaded photo quality is poor for printing. You are required to bring a passport photo for processing.